Olympic and Paralympic tickets available for resale

Picture of the London 2012 Olympic StadiumUnwanted tickets for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are now available for resale.
From 6 January until 3 February 2012, people who have already bought tickets can put them up for resale on the London 2012 ticketing website.
The resale process allows those who are no longer able to attend or no longer want their tickets to sell them to other sports fans and help ensure that venues are full next summer. 

Those who purchased tickets from LOCOG are able to choose which tickets they wish to resell via their ticketing account on the ticketing website.

Tickets submitted for resale are then being made available online for other customers to purchase on an ongoing basis. If sold, the seller will receive the full face value of the tickets.

If the tickets remain unsold they will be returned to the ticket holder’s account. A further opportunity for ticket holders to try and resell any unwanted tickets will open in spring 2012. 

LOCOG CEO Paul Deighton said: "This resale programme will give those who wish to use it an opportunity to securely sell their tickets to others who wish to go to the Games, or purchase more tickets and help us to achieve our aim of having full venues."

Remaining tickets for the Olympic Football Tournament and the Paralympic Games are currently on sale until 6 February 2012, when the seat allocation process will begin. Contingency tickets and those not sold by this date will be made available for sale from spring 2012.

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